Great Moments in Sport

If you’ve kept up with my posts, you’re probably tired of my motivational “if you set your mind to it, you can do anything” posts on why you should Kit Up and play some sport with your mates. It’s just a platitude, isn’t it? Does it really mean anything?

My answer is yes, of course.

But I brought proof!

Here are some fantastic moments in sport I’d like to showcase. None of these events could possibly have happened if the people partaking in them hadn’t believed in themselves. Sport, much like success, is all about self-belief. Those who say they can, do. Those who say they can’t, don’t.

France Wins the World Cup in Paris!

A beautiful moment for a team most people hadn’t even given a chance. After failing to qualify for the previous World Cup, it was widely spouted by the media that had France not been given automatic qualification as hosts of the tournament, they would never have even been in World Cup ’98. This video is the story of how they showed the negative media up. They believed in themselves and each other. That was all they needed.

Sydney Swans Win the AFL Grand Final!

After seven years without a Grand Final win and a campaign to the Finals which, though encouraging, was nothing spectacular, you could have forgiven the bookies for giving the Swans long odds to become AFL Premiers, but it was the team from Sydney that eventually packed up and travelled to a hostile Melbourne for the final. There, they demonstrated fantastic team spirit, holding together for an historic win.

Great Moments…

The list of impressive sporting achievements could go on and on. So I’ll leave you with a video of some of the best, most heart-breaking, and most inspiring sports moments out there. Remember: you CAN do it. The only person standing in your way is you.


You’re Never Too Old To Kit Up!

Yesterday, the news hit Australia that William Gallas, a defender who has played for Arsenal, Chelsea, and a small London club called Tottenham, will be joining Perth Glory in the A-League!

At the ripe old age of 36, Gallas could have been forgiven for hanging up his socks and retiring on the money he has made at those big clubs, but he has decided to continue with his passion: playing football.

And it’s not just superstar players who decide to keep playing despite their age. Local football competitions regularly include an over-40s division where people keen on exercise, keeping fit, and playing as a team can continue to partake in the joys of playing soccer.

So no matter how old you are, there is never an excuse.

Remember: age is just a number. Kitting up is a way of life.

Undefeated: Mascot Rugby League U16s Are Absolute Bosses

mascot jets

My last post covered how to recover from a defeat. Defeat which, I claimed, eventually happens to even the best of teams.

Not so for the Mascot Jets U16 Rugby League team who plays in the local South Sydney comp. Since coach Darren Brown started the team in 2004, back when they were just Under-7s, the team has collected nine premierships back to back. Without losing a single match.

That’s nine years of continual, uninterrupted victory.

So when I say that everyone loses eventually, you don’t have to listen.

Take heart from the Mascot Jets. Be inspired to Kit Up and go out there and perform as together as a team and maybe you will never, ever have to taste the bitterness of defeat. If you believe you can do it, who is anyone to tell you otherwise.

Best of luck with your future conquests!

Click here for more on the Mascot Jets.

Why Do We Fall?

In all team sport, no matter how good you are, there comes a time when your team will lose.

After a loss, you can feel terrible. You may not want to eat, you may not want to train the next day, you may not even want to play again. For moments like these the best source of inspiration can come from within. You just need something to unlock that raw desire being barred off by the disappointment of defeat.

Thankfully, YouTube user Mateusz M has created a fantastic motivational video that will help you realise that the defeat can only make you stronger. Without further ado, here is “Why Do We Fall?”

Have you ever come back from a defeat? How did you do it? Let us know in the comments below. 

Four Easy Steps For A Quick Soccer Game!

Though we at Kit Up would highly encourage you to go out and register for your local competition of whatever team sport takes your fancy, maybe you’ve missed out, couldn’t afford it, or just weren’t free on the day the matches took place.

Recently I called soccer the best team sport out there. Why? Because it’s just so simple to set up and play. So if you aren’t taking part in a local comp, here’s three quick steps on how to play a quick, social game of soccer at the oval, in your backyard, wherever!

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The Best Meal For The Big Game!

It’s the day of your big game! Whether you’re going out to play some summer cricket, six-a-side football, touch footy, basketball, or just going to the oval with some mates for a kick around, choosing what to eat in order to get fit for the game can prove to be a dilemma.

Of course, overall your diet should include a healthy mix of veggies, fruit, carbs, protein, calcium, etc. But what should you be eating and drinking on game day? Read below to find out!

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Six Sports Movies to Inspire You!

It’s okay to take a break once in a while. If you’re exercising more than five or six days a week, you’re probably going too hard. But just because you’re not playing team sports doesn’t mean you can’t be thinking about them… or more importantly, be inspired by them.

This one is for the days when it’s just too hot to go outside and the air-con is crying out for a movie day with some friends. Here are some of my favourite sports movies. They’ll make you laugh, they’ll make you cry, but all of them will make you want to go out and get something great done. Let’s begin!

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Top Five Team Sports!

With summer nearly upon us it can be a tough task to decide between which team sports to choose to play to get fit and stay healthy. Lucky for you, here’s the list of our top five team sports!

5. Cricket

Whether you’re playing an official game at your local oval, in your mate’s backyard during a summer barbecue, or at the beach before a swim, cricket is a classic Aussie sport, especially in the summer. The only downside is the amount of equipment it requires – you’re always going to need at least a bat and a ball. Wickets are a bit easier: use some bins while playing in the yard. If you’re at the beach without some pointy sticks, you may be a bit stumped (get it?) however.

4. Beach Volleyball  

It’s summer. The sun is shining, you’ve slipped, slopped, slapped, and the beauty of the ocean lies strewn before you…

Since you’re going to be at the beach during the summer anyway, you may as well bring a volleyball along with your mates and get some fun in before relaxing in the sun! You don’t even need the volleyball net. Just draw some lines in the sand and you’re good to go.

Then have a dip in the water afterwards to cool off!

3. Basketball

Basketball is easily one of the world’s most popular sports. Thankfully, this means that there’s usually some public courts available for use in your local area. While less flexible location-wise than some other sports, it makes up for it in fitness rewards. It’s a high intensity team-sport, meaning you’ll be burning off calories like nothing else.

And once you’re on the floor, parched and exhausted, you can always play a couple rounds of HORSE to keep you out on the courts without murdering what’s left of your leg muscles.

2. Footy/Rugby

Whether you’re a fan of AFL, Rugby League, Rugby Union, or even NFL, these various codes can all be played simply by getting some mates together and tossing the ball around at the oval. Then, of course, there’s the option of touch footy, beach footy (careful you don’t launch the ball out to sea!), backyard footy, or in-the-house furniture-disassembling footy, it’s an easy way to have a great time with friends.

1. Soccer (Or the real “football” as the Poms like to call it)

Soccer is the world’s most popular sport. Over 1 billion people play it on a regular basis, and that tally increases when you consider all the casual players and fans.

It’s number one in the world for the same reason it’s number one here. It’s a sport so simple in its basics that you can pick up and play anywhere. You don’t even need a ball – many a schoolyard match uses soda cans, a rolled up ball of elastic bands, or whatever else is on hand. Goals can be made out of anything, and whether you’re just two people at a park, a full squad of 24, or enjoying a summer six-a-side tournament, soccer is great to play, it’s easy to understand, and you can do it anywhere!

So this summer, grab your favourite team’s jersey, kit up, and get out there!!

Have we missed your favourite sport? If so, let us know in the comments below! 

Team Sports Lower Stress in Uni Students!

A Huffington Post article from last week was recently brought to my attention.

The article, covers a recent study from the University of Minneapolis which found there were important mental benefits (liked reduced stress levels and better moods) provided by sports and physical activity. The Kit Up related caveat?

The mental health benefits were found to be much greater if the students who took part in the study exercised as well as socialised:

“They found that students who were more social and exercised three or more times per week reported somewhat better moods and less stress than students who exercised with similar frequency but were less social. The researchers concluded that part of the benefit that frequent physical activity has on mood and stress relies on social interactions.”

In an era of more uni work than ever before, what is a good way to knock out two birds with one stone?

Why by playing team sports of course!

So despite that annoying semester-long assignment or the ridiculous exam you have to cram for because the professor hasn’t told you what it’s on until the week before, you should drop those books, head outside with some mates, and play your pick of basketball, football, cricket, whatever.

And don’t forget to grab your team jersey and Kit Up!

Why Team Sports?

Recent population surveys have shown that the overweight population of Australia is, alarmingly, growing at pace.

In practical terms, this is probably because the average modern citizen is so wrapped up in a busy lifestyle that exercise seems to be one step too many to fit between work, social life, scholarship, significant others, etc.

It’s also about our diets – a quick Google search for “unhealthy busy life” will lead you to dozens of self-help articles suggesting better foods, snacks, etc.

So why team sports?

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